Warframe Operation Buried Debts Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Are you ready to learn the newest challenge in Warframe? Operation Buried Debts is a time-limited event that tasks players with uncovering hidden fractures in the Orb Vallis, one of the game’s open-world zones. In this guide, we’ll cover all the basics of Operation Buried Debts and give you some advanced strategies to help you complete its toughest challenges.

What is Operation Buried Debts?

Operation Buried Debts is a time-limited event in Warframe that challenges players to explore the Orb Vallis and uncover hidden fractures that threaten the area’s stability. The event centers around the Thermia Fractures, which players must unlock by completing a series of missions and puzzles. Once the fractures are unlocked, players must fight a new boss, the Exploiter Orb, to close them and restore stability to the Orb Vallis.

How to Start Operation Buried Debts?

To start Operation Buried Debts, players must have completed the Vox Solaris quest, which unlocks access to the Orb Vallis. Once this quest is complete, players can talk to Eudico in Fortuna to begin the event. Eudico will give players a brief overview of the event and provide them with the necessary tools to begin unlocking the Thermia Fractures.

Operation Buried Debts: Basic Mechanics

Operation Buried Debts is divided into two main phases: unlocking the Thermia Fractures and fighting the Exploiter Orb.

Unlocking the Thermia Fractures

To unlock the Thermia Fractures, players must first acquire a unique item called a Diluted Thermia. Diluted Thermia can be obtained by completing bounties in the Orb Vallis or by purchasing it from the in-game market. Once players have a Diluted Thermia, they must take it to a Thermia Fracture and use it to power up the fracture.

Once a Thermia Fracture is powered up, players must defend it from waves of enemies. After successfully defending the fracture, players will be rewarded with a canister of Refined Thermia, which can be used to power up additional fractures or to fight the Exploiter Orb.

Fighting the Exploiter Orb

To fight the Exploiter Orb, players must first acquire a canister of Refined Thermia by unlocking Thermia Fractures. Once they have a canister, players must travel to the Temple of Profit and use the canister to power up a console. This will summon the Exploiter Orb, which players must then defeat.

The Exploiter Orb has several phases and a variety of attacks, so players will need to be prepared with strong weapons and abilities. Once defeated, the Exploiter Orb will drop a variety of rewards, including rare mods, resources, and parts for the powerful Garuda Warframe.

Unlocking the Thermia Fractures

Unlocking the Thermia Fractures is a key part of Operation Buried Debts. Here are some tips for success:

  • Bring a full squad: Unlocking Thermia Fractures can be challenging, especially when facing waves of enemies. Having a full squad of four players can make the process much easier.
  • Use Warframe abilities: Certain Warframe abilities, such as Frost’s Snow Globe or Gara’s Mass Vitrify, can be very useful for defending the Thermia Fractures.
  • Bring strong weapons: The enemies that spawn during Thermia Fracture defense can be tough, so it’s a good idea to bring your strongest weapons.
  • Stay mobile: Enemies will attack from all directions, so be prepared to move around the area and keep an eye on all sides.

Fighting the Exploiter Orb

Fighting the Exploiter Orb is the ultimate goal of Operation Buried Debts. Here are some tips for success:

  • Bring a squad: The Exploiter Orb can be a tough fight, so it’s best to bring a full squad of four players.
  • Select the types of damage that most effectively resist the opponent: Following the phase, the Exploiter Orb grants various degrees of damage resistance, so it’s important to use a damage type that matches the others in each phase. Type of frostbite is very effective first, whereas radiation burns are effective in the second.
  • Stay mobile: The Exploiter Orb includes many attacks, including fireballs and energy waves, so it’s important to stay on the move and avoid taking damage.
  • Destroy the coolant canisters: The Exploiter Orb is protected by coolant canisters in the second phase. Destroying these canisters will cause the Orb to overheat and become vulnerable to damage.

Advanced Strategies for Operation Buried Debts

If you’re looking for an extra challenge, here are some advanced strategies for completing Operation Buried Debts:

  • Speedrunning: See how quickly you can unlock all of the Thermia Fractures and defeat the Exploiter Orb.
  • Solo play: Try completing the event entirely solo, without the help of other players.
  • No-damage runs: See if you can complete the Thermia Fracture defense or Exploiter Orb fight without taking any damage.

Rewards for Completing Operation Buried Debts

Completing Operation Buried Debts will reward players with a variety of rare and valuable items, including:

  • The Opticor Vandal, a powerful variant of the Opticor laser rifle
  • The Riven Mod for the weapon of your choice
  • Garuda Warframe parts
  • Rare resources like Galvanized Mods and Arcanes

Tips and Tricks for Success

Here are a few additional tips and tricks to help you succeed in Operation Buried Debts:

  • Use the right Warframe: Certain Warframes, like Frost and Gara, are particularly effective in defending the Thermia Fractures.
  • Bring the right weapons: Cold and heat damage weapons are particularly effective in this event, so make sure to bring weapons that deal those damage types.
  • Use the terrain to your advantage: The Orb Vallis is a complex and varied environment, so use the terrain to your advantage and take cover when necessary.


Operation Buried Debts is a challenging and rewarding event that offers a variety of rare and valuable rewards for players who are up to the task. With the right strategies and tactics, you can successfully defend the Thermia Fractures, defeat the Exploiter Orb, and earn all of the event’s exclusive rewards. So gear up, gather your squad, and get ready to take on the challenges of Operation Buried Debts!

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