Did Violet Myers Really Pass Away? Fact-Check

We’ve thoroughly investigated the rumors surrounding the alleged death of Violet Myers, also known as Luna Bunny, focusing on credible sources and official statements to determine the truth.

Who is Violet Myers?

Violet Myers is a well-known adult film actor, director, model and Instagram influencer who was born to a Mexican mother and Turkish father in 1997.
Myers started her career as a model, posting photos on social media, before transitioning into adult content creation. She has worked with multiple production companies and played lead roles in several productions. Myers also has a self-titled YouTube channel and runs merchandise through her website.

The Actress Started Her Career With Modeling

Violet Mayers began her career as a model by posting stunning photos on her social media while still in high school. Her sexy and spectacular pictures went viral, catching the attention of numerous modelling agencies. Soon she was working with well-known brands, showcasing everything from lingerie and cosmetics to bikinis and other clothing items.

The Rumor: Violet Myers’ Death in November 2021

In November 2021, news about the death of adult film actor, director, and model Violet Myers spread online, causing confusion and concern among fans and followers.

Did Violet Myers Really Pass Away

The Facts: No Credible Evidence for the Rumor

After meticulous research, there is no credible evidence to support the rumors surrounding Violet Myers’ supposed death. In fact, a more recent Instagram post from a toy and collectible shop called Dark.Helmet.Collectibles in April 2022, thanked the actress for her visit to their location. This clearly indicates that the death rumors are false, and Violet Myers is alive.

Additional Information

Violet Myers has enjoyed a successful career as an actress, director, model, and Instagram influencer. She began her career in modeling by sharing her photos on social media platforms, and later transitioned to become an adult content creator. Violet has worked with multiple production companies in several lead roles and maintains a self-titled YouTube channel, as well as running merchandise sales through her website.


Based on thorough research and credible sources, we can confirm that the rumors surrounding Violet Myers’ alleged death in November 2021 are false. The actress continues to be active in her career and maintains a presence on social media. As always, it’s vital for readers to fact-check and question the veracity of online rumors before accepting them as truth.

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