How to Turn Your Man Cave into a Sports Bar

Every guy dreams of having his own sports bar right at home. With some strategic planning and decor, you can transform your man cave into the ultimate place to watch the game. Whether you want a mini sports bar feel or go all out, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your space.

Here are Mancavia tips for converting your man cave into a sports bar sanctuary.

Deck Out the Walls

First, think about your wall decor. Sports bars are loaded with TVs, sports memorabilia and neon signs. Determine the focal points of the room and what walls have space for large décor pieces.

  • Invest in a giant flat screen television, at least 65 inches or larger. Mount it on the main wall so it’s the centerpiece.
  • Flank the TV with sports pennants, framed jerseys and vintage gear. Alternate frame sizes and layouts.
  • Add sconces or string lighting around the TV area to highlight your prized collectibles.
  • Consider a neon bar sign as an eye-catching accent on one wall. has awesome customizable man cave signs.
  • Paint a mural with your favorite team logo or sport. There are many talented mural artists who can recreate stadium scenes.

Outfit Your Bar

What’s a sports bar without a well-stocked bar? Make sure yours is fully equipped:

  • Install cabinetry or shelving to store glasses, liquor and bar accessories. Opt for open shelves to display your booze selection.
  • Get bar stools for seating. Look for stools with sporty logos or racing stripes.
  • Invest in a small refrigerator just for beer and drinks. A mini fridge or bar fridge keeps everything chilled.
  • Display team mugs, pints and shot glasses for serving drinks in style.
  • Consider adding taps for serving draft beer. It’s an expensive investment but brings authenticity.

Upgrade the Furniture

Swap out your current man cave furniture for a more sports bar feel:

  • Anchor the room with a big sectional sofa in leather or performance fabric. Go for more seating than you think you need.
  • Add a few pub tables or high tops for casual standing room. They’re great for eating or holding drinks.
  • Movie theater-style reclining seats with cup holders make a comfy viewing area.
  • For ceilings high enough, look for a hanging chair or swings for fun.
  • Stow stools and folding chairs for extra seating during the big game.

Amp Up the Entertainment

Of course, a sports bar needs plenty of entertainment options to watch the game:

  • Install several flat screen TVs throughout the space for multi-game viewing.
  • Consider a projector and dropdown screen for pay per view fights or playing video games.
  • Upgrade your audio with a surround sound system and powerful speakers.
  • Get subscriptions to all the sports channels and packages you love so you never miss a game.
  • Add old-school arcade games like Golden Tee, bubble hockey or basketball pop-a-shot for recreation. The Man Cave Store has awesome options.
  • Display your signed memorabilia in acrylic cases or on the walls.

Add Sporty Touches

Finish your sports bar man cave with some themed accents:

  • Use team colors or artificial turf for your flooring and walls.
  • Hang pennants, banners and neon signs on the walls.
  • Display your jerseys, equipment and gear in shadowboxes or cases.
  • Add sports themed artwork and fathead decals for decor.
  • Use mirrored walls or bar-style corrugated metal for an industrial look.
  • Incorporate reclaimed bleacher seats, hockey sticks or baseball bats into your decor.

Converting your lackluster man cave into a lively sports bar sanctuary takes some work. But with strategic planning and design, you can create your very own sports headquarters right at home. Bring the energy of the stadium, arena or match into your personal space. Just add good drinks, tasty food and all your die-hard fan friends.

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