Clay Walker Children: Everything You Need to Know

Clay Walker is an accomplished American country music artist who has released multiple successful albums and singles throughout his illustrious career. While he may have achieved great success and garnered widespread recognition, his children always occupy a special space in his heart. The article provides detailed information on the personal life and family history of Clay Walker, with a primary focus on his children.

Clay Walker’s Children

Clay Walker is a proud father of four children. He has two daughters and two sons from two wives. Here are the details of each child:

MaClay DaLayne Walker (Female)

Born on January 15, 1996, MaClay is Walker’s oldest child from his first marriage to Lori Jayne Lampson. Maclay is currently 25 years old.

Skylor ClayAnne Walker (Female)

Skylor, born on May 14, 1999, is Walker’s second child from his first marriage. Skylor ClayAnne Walke is currently 22 years old.

William Clayton Walker (Male)

Born on August 5, 2009, William is Walker’s first child from his first wife, Jessica Craig. At present, Jessica Craig is 12 years old.

Elijah Craig Walker (Male)

Elijah, born on June 15, 2013, is the youngest of Walker’s children. He is currently 8 years old.

What Do Clay Walker’s Children Do?

Although privacy is understandably important for Clay Walker and his family, some details about his children’s lives have been shared on social media and in interviews. Here is what we know about them:

MaClay DaLayne Walker: MaClay has grown up as an independent and driven young woman. Currently, she is getting higher education and working as part-time. She had been shared on social media that she is passionate about fashion and photography.
Skylor ClayAnne Walker: Skylor is also completing her higher education and has expressed interest in creative writing and traveling. From time to time, she glimpses her personal life and proudly showcases her close relationships with both friends and family.

William Clayton Walker and Elijah Craig Walker: Being younger, William and Elijah are yet to have a clear direction in terms of their interests and passions. Both children prioritize their academic and extracurricular pursuits. From the few glimpses shared by their father, they love sports, music, and spending time outdoors.

Interesting Facts, Quotes, and Anecdotes

  • Clay Walker often shares his love for his children through interviews and social media posts. A few highlights include:
  • Clay has previously shared how fatherhood has positively influenced his life, making him a better man, husband, and musician.
  • In a heartwarming post for his daughter MaClay’s birthday, he fondly referred to her as his “first true love.”
    Skylor and MaClay share a tight bond as sisters, as seen in their numerous photos and messages of support on social media over the years.
  • Walker has expressed immense pride in his daughters’ accomplishments and their journey into adulthood.


How old are Clay Walker’s children?

Clay Walker’s children range in age from early 20s to early teens.

What are Clay Walker’s children’s names?

His children’s names are MaClay DaLayne, Skylor ClayAnne, Mary Elizabeth, William Clayton IV, Elijah Craig, Ezra Stephen, and Clifton Jaxson.

How does Clay Walker balance his touring schedule with his family life?

Clay Walker had been said that he tries to limit the amount of time he spends on the road and prioritize his family when he is home. He had been said that he tries to involve his family in his touring as much as possible.

How did Clay Walker get involved in multiple sclerosis advocacy work?

Clay Walker’s wife, Jessica Craig, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 200

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